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At South Eastern Sports Podiatry we pride ourselves on providing education and better foot and ankle health for all ages and lifestyles.

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Podiatry Services

We help people return to full health, enjoy being active, and empower them to live a quality of life that keeps them happy and injury free. We will:

Provide you with a proper diagnosis

Develop a detailed treatment plan that achieves your goals

Provide the best clinical outcome for you

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Our team of expert podiatrists & physiotherapists

Sienna is a passionate podiatrist. She loves all things sport, playing high level soccer herself. Her main interests are around helping injured athletes back into full training.

James’  main passion lies with helping people who have struggled with chronic injury and pain. He loves caring for those who struggle with the everyday care of their feet.

Helena is a keen podiatrist with expertise in sports injury management, skin and nail care, and diabetic feet. She is dedicated to helping her patients maintain good foot health.

Bridgette is a highly experienced podiatrist. She loves to help people who struggle with foot and ankle pain, getting them back and confident on their feet.

Sarah is a passionate physiotherapist, her aim is to help people achieve their goals, whether it be to sit at their desk pain-free or run a marathon without injury.

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