Cross trainer or running shoe?

Cross trainer or running shoe?

When going out to buy new shoes, there are so many options and it can be very confusing!

There are two main types of shoes people buy for sport; runners and cross trainers. If we look a bit closer they are significantly different, and it is good to understand why.


Runners are designed for straight-line movements. They are lightweight, flexible and vary in different amounts of support and cushioning. Their upper material is a bit softer and not as durable for side to side movements that may occur in court sports such as netball and basketball.

Cross trainers

Cross trainers are designed for sports with more lateral and stop start movements. They are great for court sports such as netball, tennis and basketball. They are more durable and the upper material is stronger so that your foot doesn’t slide over the edge of the shoe with side to side movements.

Cross trainers have a different type of sole compared to runners. Most cross trainers have a flatter sole, which grips to court surfaces better. Cross trainers are a good all-rounder shoe, however if you are doing a lot of running then it is best to also have a pair of runners.

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