What causes heel pain?

What causes heel pain?

We know heel pain occurs  when the tissue in that area, whether it’s bone, plantar fascia, fat pad or even the Achilles tendon is overloaded. Basically this means it can’t repair itself to remain at a healthy enough level to strengthen and allow further running.

Below are the most common causes that even without seeing a Podiatrist you can identify with.

Dramatic increases in load:

This essentially  means if you overdo  it, you run the risk of having heel  pain. For example, if you’re conditioned to running three times a week and suddenly increase it to five times a week we see a much larger chance  of  injury.

Increased weight.

This unfortunately is a relatable risk factor, one that  is often difficult to control, but it increases the downward pressure on the feet and  legs, hence  greater amounts of  tissue stress.

Gluteal and lower limb strength deficits.

If we take a look at this more  closely, we look at this as strength and conditioning.  A lot of  us run, but don’t prehab. Prehab being pre-rehabilitation as opposed to rehabilitation. The prevention of injury can be orchestrated with the correct  strength and conditioning program.

Joint restriction within the foot and ankle.

This is difficult to assess, however we look at how one joint affects the others, if there is stiffness and restriction at one joint the stress  of running or walking struggles to  dissipate and  may overload a unsuspecting structure more so than it is  used to. Furthermore, these restrictions can contribute to abnormal foot compensatory movements.

By identifying one of more of these factors we can start to make subtle shifts in our behaviour, sometimes it isn’t this simple, that is when we suggest you seek professional advice. It may prevent months or even years of foot pain.