Helpful Foot Tips: August 2021

Helpful Foot Tips: August 2021

1. Cutting Toenails Correctly

Have you been cutting you toenails correctly? We cut our toenails every few weeks or months, as it is important to make sure our nails don’t grow too long and start causing us issues when wearing shoes.

There is a correct way to cut our toenails and this is what we recommend. You should cut across the nails in a straight line and avoid cutting them in a round or curved shape.

By cutting across, this will ensure that your nails don’t grow into the sides of your skin and prevent having painful toenails. We also recommend that you avoid cutting the nails too short. This can make the skin under the nail get exposed and feel very sensitive.


If you have any circulation problems or reduced feelings in your feet (‘neuropathy’) then avoiding barefoot walking will help you reduce any damage to your feet from bumps and cuts.

Wearing sandals or slippers around the home is a really easy way to provide support for your feet. This is particularly helpful if your home has areas of hard floorboards and tiles.

Tips: Make sure that you feel safe and balanced when wearing sandals or slippers to avoid any falls from occurring. Having velcro straps on top of the sandals can help secure the feet in place.

3. Tight calves

Playing sports or going to the gym but feeling like the backs of your calves are tight? If you are not including stretching and strength exercises in your weekly schedule then you are more likely to have tighter calves.

One of the easiest ways to help your calves is to perform regular calf raises (also called heel raises). It only takes 5-10 minutes to complete and all you need is a wall. This will help strengthen your calf muscles (gastrocnemius and soleus) whether you have your leg straight or slightly bent.

A foam roller is another great option as well to help loosen the calves.

Tips: Try performing calf raises with one leg only if it is possible and safe to do so, if not then try calf raises on both legs at the same time.