Helpful Foot Tips: June 2021

Helpful Foot Tips: June 2021

1. Keep your feet dry

Wet and soggy feet can be an issue during the winter months.

Getting out of a nice warm shower and putting your feet straight into socks can be problematic for skin integrity.

This can cause skin to macerate, weaken and crack. Resulting in nasty skin and nail conditions.

Tips: Dry between your toes, always change out of wet or damp socks.

2. Keep your feet warm

With winter here, it’s extremely important to keep your toes and feet warm.

Winter can bring a new set of challenges, the most common being Chilblains.

If your feet are exposed to the cold for a long period of time your body will narrow the blood vessels to your feet.

Heating your feet up too quickly will cause these vessels to open suddenly, causing this reddish, painful reaction known as a Chilblain.

Tips: Keep a constant temperature of your feet through the day, if they are really cold, try warming them up slowly with an ugg-boot or slipper.

3. Wearing the correct footwear

If your shoes cause pain in your feet, it is probably time to look for a new pair.

Shoes should be comfortable from the start.

Wearing shoes that are too tight can increase the chances of bunions, corns, calluses, neuromas and clawed toes forming.

Finding the right should is tricky, but your feet will love you for it.

Tips: A wide toe box, good room at the front (approx 1.5cm) and good fixation, laces over slip ons.