Helpful Foot Tips: May 2021

Helpful Foot Tips: May 2021

1. Regular skin and nail check.

We often put our socks and shoes on this time of year straight after a shower. The colder months lead to less barefoot walking around the house and as a result, our feet are not often looked at.

A simple check of the skin integrity and nail length and condition can reduce the chance of fungal nail infections, unusual moles and freckles, tinea pedis, corns, calluses and ingrown toe nails from developing.

We advise that after your shower is the easiest time to check in between your toes, soles of your feet, toenails and calluses, furthermore if you apply emollient to your skin you will be able to feel any unusual areas of dryness or raised areas of the skin.

2. Check your runners for wear.

Footwear plays a huge role in injury prevention. Our most comfortable pair may also be our most worn, or degraded pair of shoes.

It is not necessary to track every step you take in a pair of shoes, but it is nice to sit them on a flat surface and look at them from behind to see any unusal wear patterns.

Further to this would be looking at the sole plate of the shoe to determine the integrity of the rubber, this is often overlooked and can wear through.

Any easy piece of advice is , if your feet get wet waking through puddles, it is most likely time to change shoes.

3. Strengthen those feet.

It goes without saying that inury prevention and muscle strength go hand in hand. So why limit that to our calf muscles or hamstrings.

Foot exercises, or toe exercises can prevent injuires. We know that we ingnore using our toes, shoes may also contrict how these work, so setting them free is a great way to improve their function.

It can be as simple as scrunching your toes to pick up a tissue, walking on sand or standing on one foot, the key is to use small movements regularly to ensure activation of those tiny little, yet powerful muscles.