Helpful foot tips – October 2021

Helpful foot tips – October 2021

Summer shoes

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to dust off those summer shoes! Shoe choice is completely up to you and when picking out a summer shoe, our suggestions is to go with what is most comfortable for your foot. Whether you are a sandals, birkenstocks, thongs or barefoot person, here are a few things to remember when deciding what shoes to wear this summer.

When wearing thongs, your feet need to work hard to grip on and hold your foot onto the shoe. This can be the same for birkenstocks, depending on what style you wear. If you find that your feet are getting sore from being in these shoes all day, but you wish to continue wearing them, you might want to think about doing some foot specific exercises to strengthen those muscles in your feet.

If you struggle with balance, tripping or if thongs are not comfortable for you, we recommend a sandal that has adjustable straps around the top of the foot as well as a strap around the heel to hold your foot in. This ensures that your foot isn’t working hard to hold the shoe to your foot, similar to a runner.

Whatever you choose to wear, being in summer shoes with open heels or toes can lead to dry and calloused skin. So if you do prefer these types of shoes for summer, remember your foot care. Moisturise your feet regularly and use a pumice stone to reduce thick calloused skin.

Importance of gradual loading

You may have heard your podiatrist, physio or osteo talk to you about gradual loading and thought to yourself, what is gradual loading, and why should we do it?

Your body is made up of many structures. These include muscles, tendons, bones, ligaments and fascia, all of which have a load capacity. This is what that structure is capable of during exercise. We often exceed this capacity to strengthen our body, however if we exceed it too much or too often, this is when an injury is most likely to occur.

If you’ve had an injury and are returning to exercise, or you are just starting out, it is important to load those structures gradually to avoid overloading and potential injury risk. If we have a structured program to return to sport, we can gradually build up our tissue capacity safely and lower the chance of injury. It is always important to get a program that is suitable for you and where you are currently at.

Remember that everyone is different and will progress differently, so don’t feel discouraged if you can’t see the progress right away!

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Toe Yoga

This month we challenge you to see how good those feet and toes are at yoga.

Did you know that your feet have very similar muscle structure to your hands? Whilst your hands have been used your entire life to do very fiddly things your muscle control will be far superior to your feet.

Sometimes your feet can be put to the side and forgotten about, however we are here to remind you about them!

Challenge for October:
While seated with your feet under your knees, can you lift your big toe up without lifting the rest of your toes? Can you lift your lesser toes without lifting your big toe? OR can you do the opposite, can you start with all your toes up and only place your big toe down? Or only place your lesser toes down?

This can be a great way to get familiar with your feet and strengthen the muscles within your feet. Give it a go, and next time you’re in, show us what you can do!