Helpful Foot Tips: September 2021

Helpful Foot Tips: September 2021

1. Sock Choice

We love socks, so much.

Good socks should be purchased with knowledge of what they can provide, as their design and material can cater to your specific needs.

Always look for materials that wick moisture away like marino wool, silk, Ingeo and some synthetics. This ensures your feet stay as dry as possible, minimising the risk of blisters and calluses.

High quality material that doesn’t spot, ball up or become abrasive is so important. This ensure your feet are protected.

For exercise, Feetures, Steigen, Lightfeet and Thorlos are top sock brands to look out for. The price is worth the ride.

2. Smelly feet

Smelly feet can be attributed to many things. One issue we often come across is a bacterial skin infection called Pitted Kerytolysis (it is worth googling it).

Pitted keratolysis is a superficial bacterial skin infection typically of the soles of the feet characterised by whitish skin with clusters of punched-out pits, and resulting in smelly feet.

A Topical antibiotic and some astringents can often be effective in the treatment and solve your smelly foot issues.

Big toe Strengthening

3. Strengthen your feet

Foot strength is often overlooked. We concentrate on calf, hamstring and gluteal strength so much that we forget that our ability to use our feet muscles, arch control and arch strength is just as essential.

The small intrinsic muscles, Flexor Hallucis Longus and Flexor Hallucis Brevis are key to controlling the arch of the foot. Using a theraband we are able to hone in on arch strength.

Other options could be picking up marbles, scrunching up a towel or picking up a pen to gain strength and mobility control.