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Get to know a little bit more about your team of podiatrists.


Sienna Fogarty is a passionate Podiatrist. She loves all things sport, playing high level soccer herself.

Her main interests are around helping injured athletes back into full training, whether that running or team sports.

In her own soccer pursuits Sienna has developed large amounts of experience with exercise rehabilitation, including strength and conditioning of the foot and ankle.

Sienna utilises orthotic therapy to compliment her exercise rehabilitation to ensure your pain is not only treated in its initial stages, but that is stays away.

Sienna loves fixing ingrown toe nails, all things skin and nail and sorting out troublesome blistering feet.

A passionate St Kilda supporter and a lover of all things family and outdoors, Sienna is here to help you back on your feet.

Voltaire Quazi has experience working as a podiatrist in private practices, and within hospitals and community health centres.  He especially loves helping people with chronic plantar heel pain.

He enjoys watching and playing sports, having participated in athletics at state level.

He is very interested to help people get back into their normal activities or perform at a higher level for sports. 

Voltaire is especially knowledgeable with diabetes foot assessments, nail and skin care due to his vast experience working in the public sector. He is also undergoing his Masters of Public Health and completing his endorsement for scheduled medicines.

He loves supporting Carlton, Liverpool, and LA Lakers. Voltaire ensures that your feet are well cared for.

Sally McGinnity has a strong interest and understanding in lower limb musculoskeletal function that contributes to pain in the foot, ankle, knee and hip.

In addition, Sally understands the demands of all physical activity in different age groups from walking, fun runs, to competitive sport and balancing this with the constraints of everyday life and work.

Sally sees people from a variety of ages from children to the elderly. Common foot problems managed include: Heel and arch pain, corns and calluses, plantar warts, ankle and foot injuries, ingrown toe nails, shin splints and achilles pain.

James Pope has had a huge variety of experience as a Podiatrist. His main passion lies with helping people who have struggled with chronic injury and pain. He loves caring for those who struggle with the everyday care of their feet.

His experience with elite sporting teams such as Melbourne Football Club and Melbourne Victory Football club ensures he leads the way in his care and treatment methods. He also consults to the Metropolitan Fire Brigade, an organisation of varying age and gender, where all members spend a lot of time on their feet!

Feet are an extremely complex area and need specific attention to their function, James’ strengths lie with assessing the entire flow and function of the body and how this can impact what happens at the foot.

To book a time with Sienna, Voltaire, Sally or James, simply book online or call us on 03 9568 3107.