Part II: running myths

Part II: running myths

We recently looked at our top 5 running myths that keep people from taking up the wonderful (and inexpensive) sport of running. If you haven’t read part one, you can read it here.

Now to pick up where we left off.

6. I am too old, I can’t run.
Running is for everyone! As long as you have a beating heart, and the inspiration to do it you can run! Remember, age is just a number, it doesn’t dictate your potential.

7. I don’t have the right clothes.
Can you remember what the last runner you saw was wearing? If you can well done, however quite often with exercise it doesn’t matter. I have seen people running in jeans, shirts, jumpers you name it. I believe if you’re out there doing it, you’re already doing better than the people that aren’t. Ideally a t-shirt or light jumper may be desirable if it’s your first time running, in addition to shorts or tights to start. And don’t worry you don’t need a $150 Nike jumper, long 2XU tights and a fancy beanie to run.

8. What if I have a heart attack?
You may have all heard the story of the man who had a heart attack from running too much. Whilst the risk is possible, a large majority of heart related incidents come from pre-existing heart conditions in which the person may already been aware of. If this is the case and you do have a heart condition or are risk of developing a heart condition it is always best to check with your GP before beginning running. In saying this, if you do not have heart concerns the risk of getting one while running is very very low.

9. You can’t run when it’s raining
It is true, running is an outdoor activity generally, however it does not always have to be! Treadmill running is an alternative, allowing you to run indoors and keep dry. Another option is doing some strength-based work at home as it can not only benefit your fitness, but change up your exercise routine up from running. Or, simply brave the rain!

10. Running doesn’t involve walking.
Rubbish! Walking does not equal failure, and in fact it is the pathway to running. Especially when starting off, walking is a great way just to get going and be active. If you’re willing to walk then you’re pretty much 99% there. On top of that, running with sections of walking is not a bad thing, it’s a sign you’re working hard and listening to your body.

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Josh Butcher
Podiatrist and Runner