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What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a treatment for all different musculoskeletal pain and injuries which you may be suffering, whether it is a sprained ankle from football, or a sore neck and shoulder from sitting at a desk over the day.

Our Physiotherapist will discuss your pain or injury history, complete an assessment, and then provide the best course of treatment for you. This often involves some ‘hands-on’ treatment to begin with – such as massage and joint mobilisations, then an exercise program to help relieve your pain and provide long-term improvement and prevention of re-occurring symptoms. Our Physiotherapist will also provide advice and guidance along the way about what else you can be doing to reach your goals as quickly as possible.

Our Physiotherapist, Sarah, is an APA titled Sport and Exercise Physiotherapist who is highly experienced with all different injuries, and clients from all backgrounds including:

Sporting injuries

Overuse injuries

Back pain

Neck pain and headaches


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