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Foot and ankle experts

At South Eastern Sports Podiatry we provide a high level of foot and ankle care for all ages. We put you first and develop a treatment plan that works towards your activity and fitness goals. Our passion is providing education and expert foot and ankle care to our community.
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Sporting Injury Treatment and Rehabilitation

Injuries such as an acute ankle sprain, foot pain and even blister management, which occur during sport, require immediate attention and diagnosis. We pride ourselves in not only assessing but also providing expert clinic treatment to ensure you are ready for your next match. This can extend to injuries which have occurred previously and keep occurring each week.
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Running Assessment and Gait Re-training

Injury management can be as simple as watching you run and making small changes to improve efficiency and performance. This is often overlooked in a clinical setting, so we pride ourselves on focusing not only on your feet but looking at the activity you are performing. This may extend to watching you run on the oval in football boots, or on the netball court where more lateral movements are seen.
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Skin, Nail and Foot Care

At South Eastern Sports Podiatry we pride ourselves on helping those who are having trouble reaching their feet. We provide affordable skin and nail care for the community. We also have a special interest in ingrown toe nails, nail surgery and conservative management can provide a solution to leave you pain free.
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Orthotics and Footwear Assessment

At South Eastern Sports Podiatry we provide a FREE 15 minutes footwear assessment for kids. It is so important from a young age to be in the correct shoe. It is often thought the more supportive the shoe the better it is for your feet, however we look at function of the foot and match the best type of shoe for your needs. The wrong shoe can cause pain and injury, we will make sure this is not a factor.
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Junior Running Training

At South Eastern Sports Podiatry we believe that if we can educate kids from a young age to run, it will prevent issues down the track. Exercise, especially running is necessary for tendon and muscle development from a young age. If your child is not exercising then this can be delayed. Injury and pain can prevent this, so we give the best advice on how to run and remain pain free.
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Chronic Injury Management

Have you struggled with years of pain from the same injury? Our team love managing the more difficult injuries that you cannot quite get right. This may be issues like Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles tendinopathy and shin pain, difficult stubborn and recurrent injuries that need more in-depth management. We will educate you and provide thorough written treatment plans for you to follow to allow proper management of your problem.
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